A simple music discovery app based on your current or personally selected weather.

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Q & A

Is Weatherjams really free?

Weatherjams is free because we made it that way! We built it as a fun experiment in music discovery and leveraging the power of the 8tracks.com api. We notify 8tracks.com of all songs that get streamed so artists get paid for each listen. We all win!

Who made Weatherjams?

Weatherjams was made by Social Design House, a full service design studio located in Rock Hill, SC as part of our pet project series. If you like Weatherjams and want us to build something similar then just holler!

How did you build Weatherjams?

Weatherjams was built using HTML5, CSS, Sass, Jquery, the 8tracks api, Hammer touch library, the OpenWeatherMap.org api and Phonegap Build. Porting to native is an option in the future if all goes well.

Can I pick my songs?

No. Weatherjams is a music discovery app that plays mixes of songs based on weather related tags. We think part of the fun is exploring and being exposed to music and genres you might not normally listen to.